May 5, 2012

Wicked Wednesday Spring Fever Reminder

I hope I'm not the only one who loves Christopher Walken and Will Farrell in their famous SNL Cowbell Skit....I'm laughing just thinking about it! When we were given the theme "spring fever" I couldn't help but think about the line..."I've got a fever, and the only cure is more cowbell." Maybe my family thought it was so funny because we have a son who is a percussionist and we've sat through more than our share of concerts while he played nothing but a cowbell, lol!

This ATC looks so simple doesn't it...but we all know looks can be deceiving! After printing the image twice, everything was fussy cut...including the sentiments. I masked everything and use my new Copic airbrush to color the background. Then I dipped a Q-tip in hand sanitizer and dotted the the effect!

Don't forget, you have until 7:00 pm this coming Tuesday to join us at Wicked Wednesday for this week's Spring Fever ATC challenge and the opportunity to win 2 of these adorable images from Heather Ellis.



Rachel Parys said... your new toy! The background looks amazing!!! And then you took it up another notch with the q-tip, freakin' amazing! (didn't know I could do that!) Very cool and colorful card. Love that you left the images white!

I'll have to pull that skit up on Youtube, you can find anything there!

Kim said...

Definately MORE cowbell! That is so funny! And who would have thought hand sanitizer would give you suh a cool background? Great job... and thanks for the laughs!

Unknown said...

fabulous and FUN D, what great colours well done Hugs Elaine