Nov 14, 2008

Use CAUTION when entering Illinois!

There is another newly licensed driver in the state - LOL! He is so proud of that new license, he must have text'd 20 people letting them all know that he passed. Sounds like he was worried, doesn't it?!!

I couldn't have planned it any better when the Sunday cartoon strip of Zits had their son going through the Driver's Ed program at the same time. My family can soooooooooo relate to that cartoon! LOL! I kept putting the comic strips on the fridge, we got such a kick out of all of them, it's like looking at our family in caricature form! I saved all the comic strips, I knew they would come in handy some day!

Don't you just love the Sammy Hagar song?!! I hope my son doesn't think this is appropriate behavior....LOL! Maybe I should change it, or maybe not!


Unknown said...

Love the comic too funny! now you have someone to run erands for you!I am leaving you a little something on my blog!

Michele said...

D, it turned out great!!! Love the comic strip and the page!