Nov 25, 2008

Happy Birthday BFF Laura

It's Laura's birthday! She loves the surf, the sand, and the sea, and who can blame her?!! There's something wonderful about sitting outside in a lounge chair, along Lake Michigan beaches by the Dunes, listening to the water and the gulls...did I mention 85 degrees too? Her family always invites my family to come and join them for the day at the beach house they rent out yearly...we always have a great time. I made these for her birthday...they remind me of the sea and her.

The note pads were made to fit into the box, but I should have measured the box first because I would have known the pads were 1/4" too wide. Yikes! What to do? Make a chipboard notepad holder!


Unknown said...

gorgeous creations! what an awesome friend you are!

Tracy said...

Happy Birthday, Laura!!! And way to go, Denice! Your creativity is awe-inspiring!!!

~Karrilee~ from Abiding Love, Abounding Grace said...

Gorgeous - as usual! She is gonna LOVE these! You do amazing work!!!

(Hey - guess what I bought today?!)
tee hee!

Pam said...

WOW!! All I can say is you are a wonderful friend- she is going to LOVE those! AND- such talent! I love your work! TFS!

Michele said...

Ah they turned out great! The box is beautiful! Sorry the size was all wrong. Good thing you are craft-de and made everything work out anyway!

Kay aka kdedid said...

Those are Great! And just when did you change your blog name without telling me missy? IT makes it alot harder to stalk you.