Dec 13, 2008

Who ROCKS?!!

My nephew does! He just turned 18 and is in a local band, so this card is perfect! I printed the guitars on a transparency, and the flame is another transparency left over from a LO I did for my ds. This is what I did during the on-line chat/crop Friday night....I wasn't as productive as some, but I did get something done!

I also made a couple of Christmas cards during the chat with a fun new stamp I bought at Walmart this week. Can you say Stickles?!! LOL!

During the week I finished and FINALLY mailed all the cards to Vi! Lots of fun to make!

I can't tell you hove much I loved all the shapes I received from the Cricuteers Holiday Shape Swap! As I did with Pam's idea to make little treat FUNKilicious are they! I showed the pics from Pam's blog to my dd and she loved them too, so we sat down one night and made these adorable little bags for her friends and teachers. Thanks the the cute idea and all the wonderful shapes everyone!

Happy Holidays everyone!


Jennifer said...

I came across your blog randomly (selecting next blog while in my own), and I really love your creativity and crafts. I spent the morning checking out your blog and listening to your awesome Christmas music while I drank my coffee. awesome stuff!

Michele said...

The card turned out AWESOME!! You did a great job with it! WTG! I am glad you got lots done!

Pam said...

Gee... thanks for the recognition there... I'm blushing! Your goodie bag toppers are adorable!! LOVE 'em!! Awesome card, too!! As always- your work is inspiring!! Can I be you when I grow up?!?! LOL!

Unknown said...

you have been uber busy everything looks great!

~Karrilee~ from Abiding Love, Abounding Grace said...

LOVE the new pix of the kiddo's!
And of course, the cards, and YOU, Rock, my friend!

Tracy said...

Well, of course I know the answer to this... YOU ROCK!!!

Nice projects, and GREAT family picture!!!

DGirlLV said...

I love your card and goodie bags, they are so cute!
Thanks for stopping by my blogsport and thanks for your comments. Very appreciated.

Scrappinaway said...

You did some great work!! You Rocked on the You Rock!! Love the tree cards!! Love stickles and you used just the right amount to make it look great!!!!