Feb 8, 2013

Corrine is back in the house!!!

Late Wednesday evening my doorbell rang and I went to answer it....there sat, on my front porch, a package from Amazon. Hmmmm....I didn't remember ordering anything?!! OMG, someone...and I'm not sure who....sent me this fabulous 12x12 pad of my favorite SEI DP! Again, OMG....I picked it up, hugged it and did a little jig...my hubs thought I might have had too much wine, lol!
Did someone  feel sad for me when I posted that the pad I own is almost out?
Are there fellow lovers of this Corrine DP who just wanted to share?
And the scariest thought of all...was this sent to the wrong address?!!
So many unanswered questions....

Thank-you to my secret-sender, you made my day!!!
Still, I wonder who sent this.....any hints about this out in blog land?!! LOL!


Kim said...

How sweet! Nothing better than some happy mail!! :)

Marji said...

WOW what an awesome gift. That is so cool to get a secret admirer gift. and of your favorite paper. WAHOOO. that is great now to see some more of your wonderful creations.

Leanne said...

Sweet!! :)

hapagirlren said...

Hehe...u must have really good karma <3