Jan 18, 2010

Mr. Toad @ Bell-Graham

If you know me, you know I have a silly sense of humor and I ALWAYS laugh at my own jokes, I usually find the oddest things humorous and laugh uncontrollably at them. I laughed the entire time I made this PBA because there are so many inside jokes in it...I just know the girls at work are going to love this!

Here is the story of Mr. Toad...

If someone at work comes up with a good idea that can be used through out the company we are rewarded with a statue of a toad that says "OLD TOAD COOKING" and are required to proudly display it in our kitchens for a month. Yes, we won in December and had the toad delivered, along with a camera that had a note attached that said, "Have fun!"

A couple random thoughts about that last paragraph:
1. A toad statue is a reward?
2. These perks make you want to apply w/ my company doesn't it? (Yes, there are openings!)

Anyhow, you just can't give a scrapbooker a camera and say "Have fun" without expecting something in return....

"Pssst....are you wearing UP DOG?"
"Whatz UP DOG?"

"Hey Denice, I'm getting hungry. Could you make us something to eat?"
"No problem Kay, I've got the perfect thing in mind."

"Are these chicken sticks?"
"No, but they sure are good!"

Did you notice the little frog/toad tabs? I received a lot of them from some inchie swaps I was in last summer...they are just too cute! It was great having those in my stash, waiting for the perfect little "something" to use them on!

Sadly, Mr. Toad is being returned tomorrow. I hope he can come back soon for another play date and lunch! LOL!

Jan 15, 2010

Pagoda Cart for Valentine's Day

I feel like I haven't posted for sooooooo long, and it looks that way too! I was overly busy making gifts for Christmas, and now that the holidays have passed....maybe it's a little too late to post pics?!!

My dd loves anime and manga, so when the Pagoda cart was released I couldn't wait to get it. This is a simple card I made for her for Valentine's Day using the Kenja feature on the cart, along with a stamped image of cherry blossoms that I received from one of my sissers. I think she's going to love it!