Aug 28, 2009

Speed Scrap?!!

Speed? How can you call this a speed scrap when it actually took me almost 2 1/2 hours to finish it? There was no speed involved in this one!

We were supposed to complete 7 steps every 6-7 minutes, or something close to that. I hope I wrote these instructions down right, but you would never know for sure because I didn't follow them too closely!

1. Choose 3 pictures
2. Choose 3 papers of your choice
3. Use one as a background and cut the other two into strips
4. Center all three pictures in the middle of your page, angle if you need to
5. Place strips around the picture
6. Add a ribbon at the bottom, along with flowers and buttons
7. Title, journal, and add more embellishments if you want

This was a lot of fun, and thanks to Michele for taking the time to post the instructions. I'll definately be joining in again, and soon!

BTW, the LO is of my two favorite guys!

Aug 24, 2009

Over the past weekend...

Last weekend Vanessa, one of my sissers from SparkPeople came to the house and we went to the SB'ing Expo in St. Charles, it was a lot of fun! We checked out all the new and cool things from the vendors and went to a card making class. We finished the day by attending the evening crop. It was a lot of fun....even if we didn't win any of the raffle prizes or if Vanessa didn't get to eat at Portillos (there is always next year!) We met a new friend, Stacy...who's getting married on my anniversary, sending congrats her way! Here's a few pix from the day...

Here's one of the LO's I finished at the crop, personally, I think it turned out really cute! Last month we took the kids to the zoo and my dh sat down on a bench next to the baboon sign and I just had to take a pix! Then my youngest decided he needed to be in the picture too! LOL! Did anyone notice I should have turned the monkey upside down and had him swinging by his tail? I realized it much later an hour ago!'s cute!

Aug 17, 2009

Papa Bear

When thinking back I'm guessing it's been since the retreat in June since I actually scrapped a it was a real treat yesterday to do a page or two at the monthly crop I attend. It was nice being able to sit down and get a page completely finished, making it "done-done," what a great feeling!

We call my dh "Papa Bear" and when we found this resturant with his name sake, of course we had to go. If you're guessing the food was a tad bit "greazy" might be right...I probably wouldn't give the resturant 5 stars for it's food, but will for it's name!

Aug 13, 2009

Blog Candy

I was over at Popscicle Toes' blog today and came across her link for some blog candy, and WOWZA is it ever great! Hop on over to Where'd All My Money Go To? to take a look. I can guarantee it's a sweet offering!

Baby Girl Card

I joined a card swap club for 6 months over on the CMB, and this is one of the cards I made for my swap partner, she requested a couple of new baby cards this month, one each for a boy and a girl. I thought it would be easy and I'd crank them out in a short amount of time and be done with it, what was I drinking to think that?!! It took me forever, and I ripped apart more cardstock than I have in a very long just wasn't working for me. DOH....I should have gone and looked at a few sketches or websites for inspiration.

I think I need to make a sign for my scrap area that says, "Don't be so stubborn, SEEK INSPIRATION!"

Aug 6, 2009

What I'm doing with my ITT's

I'm finally done with all the Inchies, Twinchies, and least most of them! I thought I'd share some of the cards I made with all the ITT's that I've been working on for the Ultimate Challenges. These, along with a few other cards will be sent out as hostess gifts. I think they turned great!




I promise that I'll stop subjecting all of you to so many skulls, or at least posting pics of them....because I have a few more projects for pre-teens that HAVE to include at least one "YOU ROCK" skull! LOL!

Thanks for looking!

Aug 1, 2009

In Your Face....

I saw the tutorial for this tri-shutter card at SCS and fell in love with it. Here's a link to the instructions with a video tutorial at the bottom. If you get the chance to check it out, you really is helpful! While thinking if I should make the card, I was blog stalking and saw Christina's blog and couldn't believe she made one of these gorgeous cards! Enough said, I had to jump on the bandwagon and try it for myself and I love how this came out! I hope my newphew does too...of course at 13, is he really going to tell me he LOVES a homemade card?!!

I wasn't sure if I would use the Indie Art cartridge very much when I bought it, other than for all the skulls...but everytime I look at it, I can picture another project in the works! It hasn't taken the place of Hello Kitty, but it is running a close second!