Dec 18, 2008

Thankful for Lipstick!

Can you believe it?!! When I went to Karrilee's blog and answered her question as to what I was thankful for, little did I know the "prize" she was offering for the best answer! I won with my answer "Thankful for lispstick in every color!" This is what she sent....OMG, the pictures can not do it justice...her creativity is endless! She has blessed me with a wonderful gift and for that, I am thankful!

And this is the back of the book...hmmmmm, someone is digging their new Cricut! lol!



Tracy said...

See what happens when you love your lipstick? You are rewarded with a DARLING flip book! (nice job, Karrilee!)

~Karrilee~ from Abiding Love, Abounding Grace said...

Yay! I am SO glad that you like it! Of course - we can thank TRACY for the instructions on how to make these little beauties!

I AM loving my Cricut - and you know, that little "K" with a Crown is my signature now - since I am officially the Scrapbook Queen! LOL!

I want to see what it looks like when you finish it! (That is of course, if you are keeping it and not regifting it?!) In all fairness, I did post that it could be kept or given as a gift - so either way is good!

Congrats! I was GOING to include a bunch of lipstick - but, ya know, I figured since you were already thankful for lipstick in every color - you probably have that (and Stickles) covered?!

Love ya!

Michele said...

Well aren't you lucky?! So when are you making one of those supposedly "easy" flipbooks??? I think it is all a big lie!! lol

Pam said...

Wow- you go girl! How fun- and what a great prize! CONGRATS to you!! Have fun filling in the pages- and don't ever give up your lipstick in every color!!

Unknown said...

So cute Love it!

Unknown said...

Merry Christams to you and yours. May this day be very blessed for you and your family!