Jul 3, 2009

1000 Inchie Swap

Call me crazy in-love with inchies! This is the set of 10 inchies I'm duplicating 100 times for the CMB...CrAzY?!! Me and 99 other people are all heading to the looney bin! LOL!


JustMargo said...

Hey lady...be careful, you know you aren't allowed to have sharp objects in the "looney bin"...so be sure to take breaks! These are adorable. I trust you'll show the whole collection when you get them?
Have fun!

~Karrilee~ from Abiding Love, Abounding Grace said...

WOw?! That is a lot of ...inchies?!

Yeah... that's all I got!?
Love ya!

Unknown said...

LOL OK its offical you've gone offf the deep end ..100 of those things ...I guess we should be rejoicing they are only an inch.

Min said...

At least they have 'safety scissors' right?!

I LOVE these little inchies!!!
Hugs - Min

vanron said...

I love those colors!! They look so vibrant! Again, great job!! The recipients will be in awe of you!!

Amy said...

Denice - you are crazy, but those are too cute! Love it!

DonnaMundinger said...

Holy moley! these are so cute! Can't image doing that many of anything though. I love the idea of inchies. xxD