Oct 20, 2009

A good kind of busy!

I have been busy, but it's been a good kind of busy! I hope the pictures speak for themselves!

The 1st Annual Bartuci Rocking Rib Fest, we had a family "RIB-OFF" and then played Rockband...what a blast! My family didn't win the title or trophey for best ribs, but then....my family wasn't counting votes! Hmmmmm, we all wondered why the judges' family won?!! LOL!

What a great trophy!
While the winning family was playing Rockbank, this is what we (the losers) did to the trophy!

A broken arm at the Rocking Rib Fest! He's on his 2nd cast, and will be recasted again later this week.

Homecoming, yes I agree will all of you, she is beautiful!

And lastly, here are a few of the swaps that I've been working on, some ITT's for CMB and some tags and cards for SP.


JustMargo said...

Hi there...
1. When is the next opening for family members, may I apply?
2. Beautiful family, bummer about the cast.
3. Great cards...love your work!
4. Have a great day!

Michele said...

I will be up there for the next ribfest! lol

Hope Dario is doing better with his cast. Frankie looks so pretty! Your little girl is becoming all grown up now!

Great card. I love the owls on the ITTs!!! But haven't you learned your lesson about ITTs for the CMB?! ROFL HUGS!!!!

Unknown said...

so cute cards and atcs, homecomeing already? man i only have a few more years to go, maybe next year you guys will win

Pam said...

Wow! You have been one busy bee!! The ribfest looks like it was tons of fun! Sorry about Dario's broken bone, though! Hope he heals quickly! Frankie is a beautiful young lady! And for the scrapping- super ITT's (I love 'em!) and that owl is just making me itch to use my cart a little more now!! LOVE the cards, too!!! You totally ROCK!!!

vanron said...

Great cards! Looks like the ribfest was a success! And yes, Frankie looked stunning!!

~Karrilee~ from Abiding Love, Abounding Grace said...

Fun... that is always the word that comes to my mind right after you come to my mind! Fun!

Looks like the Ribfest will be an annual event - how fun! The cards are great as usual...

Sorry I am behind... life got busy for me too... which is why I didn't even leave you any smack for a bit?! I'll try to stay on it now though! LOL!