Nov 21, 2009

Sweet 16

It's my niece's Sweet 16 birthday party tomorrow, I can't believe she's 16 AND she's going to be driving in a couple of months! We all know "they" grow up too fast!!!

Last year, I was in a creative slump and that felt that no one really cared if I made them a card or not, so I gave my niece a store bought card *gasp* for her birthday...well, the disappointment on her face was very apparent! She ran upstairs and brought down a pile of all the handmade cards I have ever made for her and she said, "I keep them all!" YES!!!! VALIDATION!!!

I put a little extra time and love into this! Happy Sweet 16, Michele!

I love, love, love texture! The more the better, and this flower from the Paper Studio has loads of layers on it...soooooo dreamy!


~Karrilee~ from Abiding Love, Abounding Grace said...

Oh MY!? SO stinkin' CUTE!!! I bet she LOVED it!!! You are so craft-De!

Love you!

vanron said...

You are just too good!! It IS so stinkin' cute like K said!!! I am sure she loved it, I know I would!!

Michele said...

AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is soooo cute! You are great!

Tracy said...


Need I say more?

Oh, yeah.... you rock! :)

Unknown said...

This is excellent Denise! I love this!

DonnaMundinger said...

This is FABULOUS Denise! How sweet that your niece keeps your cards. Really does make it all worth it, especially coming from a teenager. she'll be over the moon with this! xxD BTW, I really appreciate your taking the time to comment on CC! Thanks sooo much! Super deals, huh? :D

Pam said...

Beautiful book, De! I bet she adores it!! You are so talented! Keep up the great work!!!

Welcome to Sara Batkin's Legacies Of Love said...

This is absolutely gorgeous :)