Feb 16, 2011

TGF FFF Color Combo 2-11

This is the color combo we were challenged to work with this week:

This is what I came up with using Cheeky Shooter...she is so stinkin' cute, isn't she? Do you recognize the paper on the lollipop flower? If not, look at my last post...lol! I decided to use some scraps to make the flower and the pattern was perfect for this weeks challenge too.

Lastly, WooHoo for me....I won last weeks challenge and am now the proud owner of Cheeky Howdy! Thanks GFS!


Becca Fabozzi said...

Denice, this is just adorable!!! I love the flower, so cute! Great job on the layout of the card too, I love that ribbon. Everything about this card is gorgeous!!!

Unknown said...

So sassy! What's not to love? Its gorgeous.

DonnaMundinger said...

OOOh, congrats on your win, De! And this one looks like a winner too. So stinkin' cute! Oh and BTW, thanks for commenting on my gruesome card. Had a heck of a time with that one and here the rest of the Minions went soft on me. LOL Can't wait
til 7:00 am when BBTB2 posts and it's off people's sidebar. xxD