Apr 1, 2011

I've been Graced with another Award!

I'm feeling the love! Look what the multi-talented Grace sent my way...talk about jumping in the air and clicking my heels! Thanks so much for thinking about me and sending the badge my way and for those of you reading along, don't forget to check out her blog...you won't be disappointed.

As a recipient of this kind award, I'm to pay it forward to 15 other bloggers and share 7 things about myself as well as thank the sender.

7 Things about me:
1) I live in the midwest
2) I love vacationing by the ocean
3) I would love to retire by the ocean
4) Los Angeles is NOT for me! (sorry Becca!)
5) Crafting/card making is my fav past time
6) I go on an annual sb'ing retreat with some of the most amazing women
7) I thank God for each and every day

15 bloggers I admire:
I wish I had the time to paste and link all 15, but after coming back from vacation I just don't have the patience...if you are reading this please copy and paste to your blog...you know you make my top 15!

Thanks for stopping by and reading, and seriously...copy and paste the badge to your blog...you are more than deserving of it!


1 comment:

DonnaMundinger said...

A big congrats. Yeah, blog awards...gotta love 'em but they really are a big PITA! LOL Duty done. Good for us, eh? (And by spreading the love unspecifically everyboday loves ya!) WooHoo! xxD