Jul 3, 2011

Happy Birthday Elyse and (a few) Retreat Pictures

This is a quick card I made for our niece who LOVES soccer! I wish I could enlarge the font to emphasize on the word LOVE, because she really LOVES soccer, LOL! The minute I saw this digi Soccer Anya I knew I had to have her in my collection for this snappy little girl who's celebrating her 11th birthday. Sending birthday wishes to our always fun and energetic Elyse!

This card went together pretty quick and it was a lot of fun making it...I love the orange and blue combo which is her team's color. I used Copics to color, Nesties for the circles and scallop, star chipboards shapes, alpha beads, and a pretty little SU border that I aquired at last week's retreat.

Talking about the retreat...I so much fun last weekend in Wichita, Kansas! I was able to meet some new gals from Oklahoma who were a blast, and met up with some old friends from the past... we had a great time! The food they served up, well...can you say delish?!! There's something to be said for good 'ole Southern hospitallity!

At Pig-In, Pig-Out with Vanessa, my road-tripping friend who had to deal with my fanatical driving and Penny-Wise tidbits of information!

Some old friends.....

meet new friends!

Inside the front door was a statue of a butler holding a tray and this sign...I had to take a pic! LOL!

I had a great time but have decided that 13-14 hours of driving each way might be a little too long...and then there was the road construction...don't even get me started!!! LOL!

Thanks for stopping by, I love visiting with all my friends!


Leanne said...

Cute card Denice!! I love the colors and the layout. Soccer Anya is fabulously colored and your neice is going to LOVE it!
Thanks for sharing your pictures from your retreat. Looks like you had a blast! ;)

DonnaMundinger said...

Your card is absolutely adorable and boy does your retreat look like fun! The driving, not so much! LOL Guess it's hard to fly when you're bringin' scrappy stuff. xxD

vanron said...

It was a GREAT trip!! It WAS a long drive, but well worth it! We had a blast!! Y0ou know what they say, in for a penny, in for a pound!! lol!!

gobeagirl said...

Hi Denice. This is such a sweet card and I am sure that she will love it. Looks like you had a great time at your retreat. :O) I have not been to a convention or a retreat in years and I soooo miss them. I so agree I wouldn't want the drive, but the fun with all my crafty friends would make it worth every second on the road. lol....Have a great 4th. Hugs, Lisa

Michele said...

A-DOR-A-BLE!!!! I LOVE that soccer girl...is there a boy soccer one?!?! lol DS would love it! :-) (Gonna have to go check it out!)

I had a fab time at the retreat and was so glad we got together again and had a great time! Agree, too much good food! hehehe Can't wait until next year!

BTW (from your blogger guru hehehe) if you want to increase the size of your font in a post you can!! :-) All you do is at the top of the box next to where it says "font" and it's got those two "T"s...Just click on that and you can choose anything from smallest font to LARGEST font! :-) Just call me if you have any questions! HUGS!

Jessica Diedrich said...

a few randoms:

1.) you have awesome taste in music
2.) FINALLY, I'm FOLLOWING your blog- I got error messages ALL LAST WEEK and kept forgetting to come back and check...it's official, I'm now stalking religiously <3
3.) I can't wait to see/meet you!

Your card is DARLING- love the beads!