Sep 27, 2011

Build a Onesie - girl

Sadly, I don't have a card or project to share today, but I wanted to let you know that today is another preview day over at The Greeting Farm! With the popularity of the Anya and Ian "wardrobe" sets a few years ago where you could build your own outfits, they decided to give the wee-ones a turn to be fashionable and introduce you to "BUILD A ONESIE: Girl!" This sweet set of cute couture will be available in CLEAR polymer when it's released on October 1st!

Be sure to visit the TGF BLOG today to see how you can WIN a set of your own today! Thanks again for stopping by and see you soon! In the meantime, be sure to check out the TGF BLOG every day to stay tuned into our week-long October preview week!



Jessica Diedrich said...

Awww well THANKS for posting anyway! You rock!

Leanne said...

:) thanks for sharing! :)