Nov 22, 2008

Colors of the Morning

I woke up really early this morning and decided to take advantage of having some quiet time to myself...I got on the elliptical, turned on the ipod and zoned out for a half hour or so. Then I went downstairs, got a cup of coffee, sat down on the couch with my laptop and enjoyed the peace and quiet! After a while I looked up and there I saw it, the sun creeping slowly up over the top of the burm in the backyard. I haven't seen...or should I say I haven't paid attention, to the sun rising in a couple of years. It's beautiful to see the colors of the morning and was a wonderful way to start my day, and all I could do was to say "thank-you" for letting me be witness to such beauty. God is good!


Unknown said...

Love mornings like that I am so glad you took a pic thanks for sharing!

Tracy said...

Absolutely breathtaking! Every time I see a sunrise or sunset like this, I wonder how people can not believe in a power higher than us.

Love you! :)

Pam said...

Gorgeous picture! Don't you just LOVE opportunities like that? Thanks for sharing!!

Scrappinaway said...

WOW, that is a beautiful pic! Thanks for sharing it with us!