Aug 20, 2012

Sweet as a bowl of Cherries (x-tra long post!)

We just got back from a relaxing (well...sorta/kinda relaxing) week of vacation in Door County which is known for it's beautiful landscape scenery along Lake Michigan and Green Bay. Everywhere you go are bluffs, beaches, lighthouses, fish boils,and wineries....and DELICIOUS Door County cherries! In fact, while we were there we had...

cherry scones
cherry turnovers
cherry topped swedish pancakes
cherry stuffed french toast
cherry fudge
cherry taffy
cherry lattes
cherry pie
cherry vodka
cherry wine
cherry martini's!

It's no wonder I had cherries on my mind when I spied Jen Shults' Deconstructed sketch #65.

Can you spy 7 different ways I used cherries in this close-up?

I used Unity's Itty Bitty Sweet as a Bowl stamp, Denami Designs cherry stamp, Melissa Francis Kitschy Kitchen DP, a cherry blossom sticker, cherry ribbon, a cherry embellie from M's $1 bin, and the word CHERRY is in the sentiment! If you're scratching your head while looking at the sentiment and thinking that it's fuzzy looking it's because the entire image has super-fine glitter over it and is very pretty in just doesn't photograph well.

If you're wondering why we went to Door County, let me show you.....

Looking out from the top of the Bailey's Harbor lighthouse onto Lake Michigan, it only took 97 stairs to see this amazing view!

A chanel marker/range light in Sturgeon Bay.

A look out point in Fish Creek (minus one of the kiddos who had to stay home to work.)

A fish boil in Fish you see me?!! I'm the one giving a dirty glare to the ladies who decided to show up at the last minute and stand in front of me during the actual "boil" so they could take their pictures...because really, what's rude about that?!!

Lastly, the wonderful log home we rented for the week that was nestled solely among 17 acres, and completely internetless.

Relaxing? You betcha!!

Thanks for stopping by and leaving all the wonderfully sweet comments, they always make me smile.


Rachel Parys said...

Where was my invite!!! Cherry vodka, oh yeah baby! Yummmm, nothing like spending a vacay eating!! The first thing I do when we want to go somewhere, got to find the best restaurants! lol! A girl has to have her priorities straight! (then whine about how crappy you feel for a week after your trip!)

Darling cherry card!! Love all of the cherry-licious papers!!

eva said...

what, internet free? a whole week? i don't think i can do that. cute card! love all the cherries!

Unknown said...

Looove this cherry card, wow you had a cherry everything lol....I bet you had a whole lot of fun too going by the diving scenery....Do you mind if I copy that scene as sometimes I used them in my cards....I have also got to thank you for your kind words on my blue card and gee, I just had to join your blog as a new memeber...cheers, aussie annie...xx
Where I live in Newcastle, we have gorgeous beaches like the one you showed...white sand, seagulls and lots of fab weather..x

Unknown said...

Looks like you guys had lots of fun! Cute house! I would totally love to stay in one of them!

Sweet cheery card!

Unknown said...

Oh how fabulous what a super place to rent and a beautiful place with gorgeous scenery no wonder you are so relaxed ( except for the part when the ladies stepped in front of you).
Your card is gorgeous a beautiful design too, that cherry stamp is fab well done Hugs Elaine