Aug 3, 2013

WW #95 Zodiac/Astrology

Oh my goodness, I am not acting like the typical Virgo who is usually very reliable and always meticulous...why, some might say I'm meticulous to a fault. Instead, I am being more of a slacker because I forgot to make a post for Wicked Wednesday last week! Aaack!
This is my ATC from a couple of days ago for the Zodiac/Astrology challenge...the image was provided by this week's sponsor: Smeared Ink. I chose Virgo because it is my astrological sign, but a few of my teamies used other zodiac images for their AWESOME ATC's....which you can see HERE.

Here is today's reminder ATC using an image I found through a Google search. I added some leaves and lined them with gold to give it a regal touch...I was trying to replicate a crown of laurel leaves. I love using Google and decided to search the use of laurel leaves ....I discovered laurel leaves are just another name for bay leaves.  Not as regal as I had envisioned. 

This Zodiac/Astrology challenge at Wicked Wednesday goes until next Tuesday evening at 7:00 pm EST, feel free to link your ATC HERE.

As always, thanks for taking the time to stop by!

Oh what the's another picture from the scrapbooking retreat I went to last was a blast!

Myself, Vanessa Fox, Vi Feirer, Kay DeWall
Happy Saturday!


Unknown said...

Super fun! Great pic of you guys! Hope you are having a great weekend!

eva said...

great atcs! such a happy picture too!

Thanh Vo said...

Lol. As a Virgo myself, I know what you mean, Denice! But once in awhile we like to let loose!

vanron said...

Very cool stuff on here De!! Especially the "4" of us!!tee hee You have been a busy girl!!