Sep 1, 2013

HB Leanne!!

We're trying to surprise Leanne (aka Fumi) at Yumi & Fumi Handmade with an unexpected birthday post today, but I'm not too sure how it's going to happen...seeing how it had to be scheduled a couple of hours ahead of time. But maybe we did?!! You can click HERE to see the entire post and to wish Leanne a Happy Birthday too!
After seeing Cebelica's door hanger tutorial last week, I decided to try making one for Leanne's birthday and I have to say that her tutorial was perfect for this  Door Hanger 1st timer, you can see the tutorial HERE.

Wanting the hanger to be a bit longer than the tutorial, I added the round element but thought it needed to be extra sturdy and durable, so I cut several layers of circles out of chipboard and glued them together. LOL, clothespins are not just for clothes!

Happiness, health, and birthday wishes for Leanne!
Happy Sunday!


Blankina said...

Love this!! It is already on my YF board..
Hugs Blankina

Danni said...

So creative and fun!! Awesome job!

eva said...

this is so pretty! i love it!!! especially the bling!

Rachel Parys said...

Shut the front door!! I was just getting ready to work on a door hanger for Maddie!! This is super cute and gives me all kinds of ideas!! Fantastic job!!

gobeagirl said...

Hi Denice, I am sure that Leann is just going to LOVE this! I think it is just adorable and your coloring and design are spot on. Really my friend, Just beautiful. Hope Leanne enjoys it as much as the rest of us. Hugs, Lisa G

Sugar Cards said...

fabulous job denice!!!
she's so cute!!! i love her little kimono =)