Aug 4, 2012

Wicked Wednesday - Take Time for Me Challenge Reminder

I was walking into a store the other day when I commented to my daugther that there were a lot of senior citizens in the parking lot with white pants and pink shirts was almost an epidemic there were so many ladies with the same color combo on. Then my daughter looked at me and started laughing because, I too, was wearing white pants and a pink top. So here I am after a loooooooooooong day of being with my four kiddos all day...a little stressed and looking for a little "ME" time! You might be laughing, but it's oh, so true!

Isn't this the cutest stamp?!! I have no idea who it is by because the manufacturer's name isn't on the wood block, but I do know I bought it at the Goosebarn over 5 years ago. All the DP's and embellie's are little pieces of leftovers that I held on to because I didn't have it in my heart to throw them away. There is also some hand-doodling and rub-ons above my head to stress the point that I'm feeling a little stressed!

You have until 7:00 pm this Tuesday evening to join us at Wicked Wednesday for this fun challenge! I hope you're able to find some crafty time for you this week!


Rachel Parys said...

That is hysterical!!! OMG, I feel your pain, I too had a crazy-long day with my kids. (just didn't have on the white/pink!) She strongly coveys the feeling of stressed out!!! This is a great card!

eva said...

too funny! i remember those commercials and now i totally can relate. i have pink tops but no white pants (yet).

Beverly G said...

When I saw this I just started laughing out loud. That's just how I feel today,and I do remember that commercial with that catch phrase. I'm still chuckling ;-)

Jenn Borjeson said...

hee hee Love, love, love this! :)

gobeagirl said...

Denice I love this little lady. I know just how she feels. I think that your story is so funny as that would be something I would notice and say and my DD would of course point out the fact to me as well. lmbo.... I so remember the Clagon ads back in the day and I love your title it is just perfect here. At work the pharmacist that I work with and I were just talking about Doans pills. Remeber those? Well the younger gals at work just looked at us like we had gone crazy. It is fun sometimes to be the older people in the room as we have a lot more to talk about than "did you get my dext or let's meet up for some froyo"... Which by the way my hubby HATES!!!! that word, it's like they can't talk in complete words. Mind you this gal is 26. My 14 and 15 year olds have a better vocabulary than that. lol... See, I am getting old. lol Oh well I've earned my gray hairs. Hugs, Lisa