May 18, 2013

WW #84 Show Us the Future Reminder

Did you ever buy one of these little red fish that when you put it in the palm of your hand it is supposed to tell the future? If I remember correctly, mine would either curl up entirely or lay motionless...there was nothing in between which was disappointing because I always wanted it to see it move.  Is it a real fortune teller? I'm not too sure about that, but it does make a cute ATC!

You have a few more days to join us at Wicked Wednesday for this week's Show Us the Future challenge. You can see the rules, link your ATC, and see some mystically fabulous designs from my teamies....all right HERE!

Thanks for stopping by, happy Saturday!


Unknown said...

really love this!!!!
great blog and purposes <3
Sergio, xx

Rachel Parys said...

Never heard of these fish! You learn something everyday! lol! This is really fun! Awesome work!